Next 450

Peak performance in gravure printing of flexible packaging for short and medium runs .
Next 450 was designed with the ambition to achieve the following objectives:
• Faster job change
• Reduced setup time  through automated solutions
• Maximum efficiency drying system
• Simplify controls in a centralized location

E Press

The E-PRESS along with the Q-Press and M/H-Press belong to Uteco’s new generation of electric line shaft presses. The E-Press is the classic rotogravure printing press equipped with interchangeable trolleys to perform job changes. Its conventional modular design solutions ensure allow an affordable price level. This press can be considered an entry level press for converters who want to enter rotogravure market without a significant investment.

V Press

Short-Medium runs with the minimum cost of investment

The modular and essential design solutions studied for the V-PRESS and its manufacturing based in India guarantee competitive prices with optimum results in performance. This ELS rotogravure press can be considered an “Entry-Level” for those converters who are willing to enter the gravure printing market in an extremely competitive way with a limited investment in capital equipment.
The V-PRESS can be supplied also in the “shaftless” version where the engraved cylinder is a “hollow” type one.

Q Press

The Q-PRESS is Uteco’s first rotogravure press designed for short runs and therefore for incorporates quick change technology. Introduced at Drupa 2004, it has had great success in the flexible packaging market.

The primary feature of this printing press is that it does not use interchangeable rotogravure trolleys, but rotogravure cylinders that can accommodate engraved sleeves which can be quickly removed by operators during job changes.