The ONYX central impression flexographic printing press represents Uteco’s state of the art offering to the printing industry.  Equipped with Direct Drive Evo® technology, it features unmatchable print quality, easy operation and extremely fast job changes.
To ensure optimum dot quality, Uteco developed Direct Drive Evo® technology, our true, patent protected, direct drive technology.  The CI drum and the plate sleeve mandrels are flanged directly into their drive motors ensuring that dot quality is not compromised.  PCT® and PTC® technologies are used to enhance print operation during press operation.
The new ONYX series of presses feature Uteco’s latest hardware and software developments that automatically set print register and printing pressures at job start reducing both waste and changeover times, ensuring optimum press performance and maximum return on investment.

ONYX can be supplied in five different models:

- ONYX 612 GL: a 6 color long repeat press
- ONYX 808/810/812 GL: three 8 color presses with traditional or long repeats
- ONYX 108/110 GL: two 10 color presses with traditional or long repeats

Diamond HP

The DIAMOND HP represents Uteco’s excellence in flexographic printing. Short runs, increased quality and reduced waste and set-up times remain priorities in today’s flexible packaging market. The DIAMOND HP is the ideal answer for top converters who require increased flexibility and consolidation of equipment to streamline operations.

The DIAMOND HP print deck represents an evolution of the well tested, dual-guided and patented print unit of the Uteco Emerald flexographic press.
The sleeve change is completely automatic and can be managed by the press operator from both the press supervisor as well as the CI printing group.


The new generation of Stack Type from Uteco features:
- Sleeve change for both the anilox as well as the plate roller
- Servomotors to drive the inking rollers (optional item)

Using the same printing unit utilized for the TOPAZ 6C-CI/GL, QUARZ is the new series of 2/4/6/8 colors stack type introduced by Uteco in the market for in-line (to film extrusion lines or to bag making machines) or for reel to reel applications.
In the gearless solution all counter-impression cylinders are driven by their servo-motors and all servos are linked together by the well tested and reliable Uteco electric shaft.
With its sturdy contruction it can be applied also for wide webs and important print repeats.

The main applications are for printing on paper, board, plastic tubes and plastic films.


Especially designed  to print on  food packaging  materials, the new Crystal is also suitable for various applications requiring a high level of automatism in order to speed up the job changes and to reduce the waste of materials,  inks and power consumption.
It does feature the Uteco Direct Drive Evo® technology, which ensures a perfect register accuracy between the colors for the entire press life.


This press features a modular concept design and it can be supplied even in a “tailor made” configuration but maintaining the characteristics of a standard machine.
Topaz GL is a gearless flexographic printing press featuring on-press sleeve change for both the anilox and the plate cylinders. The sleeve change is easy and very quick and the automatic positioning of the printing unit is granted by the latest generation of cnc controlled stepping motors.
The ventilation on the upper bridge is very silent thanks to a sound-proof cabin which contains the supply and exhaust fans.
Topaz GL can be supplied in three different models:
– Topaz GL 608: the compact 6C-CI version
- Topaz GL 808: the compact 8C-CI version

Onyx XS

The 8C-CI central drum compact flexographic press for short runs, suitable also for label printing.
ONYX XS is the compact version of the ONYX range featuring the latest UTECO flexo technology designed to optimize  short runs and guarantee a higher quality printing subject  standard.  In addition to conventional air drying ONYX XS can be equipped with UV lamps or an EB curing unit.